Graphic Design Packages

Choose a package below to get started. Or if our packages don’t fit your needs, simply get a Free Estimate and we will put a custom package together for you! If you are more comfortable speaking with one of our designers to get started please call us at 305-494-6993. We will be happy to assist you!


  •  1 Unique Graphic Design Samples
  •  Full Rights to Design  
  • Unlimited Revisions 


  •  5 Unique Graphic Designs
  •  Full Rights to Design  
  • Unlimited Revisions 


  •  10 Unique Graphic Designs
  •  Full Rights to Design  
  • Unlimited Revisions 

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Frequently Asked Questions

A revision is a change or tweak made to your logo design. For example: changing a color, font style, rearranging design elements. A revision is not a complete re-make of a logo design, rather a transition to perfect an already designed logo.
All of our design projects offer “Unlimited Revisions”. This means you can tweak and change your logo design as much as you’d like. Other design companies typically limit the amount of changes you can make to a design concept, but we believe that the creative process should not be held back and we want to make sure that you are 100% satisfied with your design!
Yes! Any package you choose, you can always add to it later. You will get a discount on each service added to a package depending on the package you choose. So if you see a package that looks almost right but is missing a few services to make it perfect please let us know so we can add it to your discounted price.
Once final payment is made, you will have full rights and ownership to the design. The logo agreement will state that you will allow us to display your design for our advertising purposes such as featuring it in our portfolio. Remember to contact your attorney or law firm to protect your unique design.

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