1404, 2015

Mobile-Friendly Web Sites To Rank Higher In Google

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"Google will be using mobile-friendly factors in its mobile search results starting on April 21, 2015, and it will rank mobile apps participating in App Indexing for signed-in users better in the mobile search results starting today. [...]

2602, 2015

WordPress: The Best Website Platform

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At Art Spark Design we use WordPress as our standard platform to build your website. We're going to take a closer look and explore just why WordPress is the best option to build your small [...]

1902, 2015

Web Design Company V.S. DIY Website Builders

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You have a new business and you need a website fast. You need to get online and start bringing in new clients. You have a few choices. 1. Hire a Web Design Company. 2. Use [...]

705, 2014

The 3 Important Criterias of Branding

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At a time when even little kids are aware of the concepts of ‘branded’ and ‘local’, it is important to set up a brand identity. A brand identity is akin to a good reputation, you [...]

3004, 2014

What Do You Want Your Website Design to Say About You

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When you invite people to your home for the first time, never make the mistake of assuming that the meeting is a casual one. You may exchange pleasantries and even have a laugh or two [...]

2304, 2014

The Many Hats of the Graphic Designer

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Graphic design works with the paradigm that actions speak louder than words because often, they do. When you have to attract the attention quickly, you will find that images do it quicker than words. Suppose [...]